About Me


I’m Megan, recipe creator and food picture taker here at Megan Vs Kitchen. I love cooking, experimenting with recipes, and trying out new food. However, cooking can be a hassle sometimes. Between the chopping, the sauteing, the waiting, and the cleaning, it can be a lot sometimes. I try to simplify recipes and reduce clean up so that you can enjoy your food and relax.

I was born and raised in North Texas. I moved to Buffalo, NY for a few years after college, but now I’m back in the lone star state where I no longer spent 30 minutes wiping snow off my car… I’m looking at you, Buffalo. I live with my boyfriend and our two dogs in Dallas. I just got into yoga. I’m obsessed with Bon Appetit’s YouTube videos ( I would for sure freak out if I saw Claire on the subway.) I love to binge watching Netflix while snuggled with an electric blanket.

My Favorite TV Shows

  1. Park and Rec
  2. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
  3. The Bachelor/ Bachelorette

My Favorite Cookbooks

  1. Cravings Hungry for More – Christy Teagan ( red curry recipe is so freakin good)
  2. What’s Gaby Cooking – Gaby Dalkin
  3. Cravings – Christy Teagan

My Favorite Restaurants in Dallas ( if you’re ever in the area)

  1. Sandwich Hag (get BÁNH MÌ NEM NƯỚNG, so good)
  2. The Standard Pour
  3. Jack’s Kitchen ( if you go during brunch ask for sausage gravy, and you must put an egg on it)