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Hello! Welcome to Megan Vs Kitchen. I’m so happy you are here 🙂

I know what’s it like to come home from a long day of work exhausted. The last thing on your mind is making dinner, but your growling stomach has other things in mind. You don’t want to spend an hour in the kitchen cooking, cleaning, etc. So you either raid the fridge and try to make a quick, kind of edible meal, or you get fast food.

Here at Megan Vs. Kitchen, I try to make your life easier and better by sharing quick and easy weeknight meals that you’ll want to make. I also try to make the meals more veggie-forward and health-conscious.

If you care to know a little about me, I was born and raised in North Texas, lived in Buffalo for about 3 years after college, and have two dogs (they sometimes get along). Also, if you want to keep up with me and all my new recipes, you can follow me on Instagram!

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