Pinwheel  Recipes

- 30 minutes - 2 popular flavors - great appetizer - even better for lunch 

Lets talk pinwheels...

BLT Ranch

2 flavors to choose from


What you need for BLT Ranch Pinwheels

- tortillas - cream cheese - mayo - ranch seasoning - provolone - bacon - turkey - tomatoes - shredded lettuce

How to Make BLT Ranch Pinwheels

How many should I make? 

For an appetizer, you'll want to make 4-6 pinwheel slices per person. For a meal, I like having 6-8 pinwheel slices with an apple and pretzels.

* each tortilla roll makes 8 pinwheel slices

What you need for Italian Pinwheels

- tortillas - cream cheese - provolone - genoa salami - pepperoni - turkey - juanita piquante    peppers - shredded lettuce

How to Make Italian Pinwheels

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